100+ Free Pirate Kings Spin and Coin Links [February 2024]


Welcome to the treasure post of free pirate kings spin and coin links 2024. To make your game more exciting we have brought you free pirate kings spins or pirate kings free coins links in this post, which will be useful for you every day.

Free Pirate Kings Spin and Coin Links
Free Pirate Kings Spin and Coin Links

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Free Pirate Kings Spins and Coins

Below are pirate kings free spins links, pirate kings free gifts, pirate kings free coins, pirate kings free bombs, and pirate kings daily free spins links that you can use every day. Who are you waiting for, click on the link you like soon and collect your today’s pirate kings free spins.

No.Spins and CoinsCollect Now
125 Free SpinsCollect
225 Spins & 10 BombsCollect
3pirate kings free spinsCollect
4pirate kings free coinsCollect
5Pirate Kings 25 SpinsCollect
6pirate kings free bombsCollect
7pirate kings daily free spinsCollect
8pirate kings free giftsCollect
9PK 25 Free SpinsCollect
10Pirate Kings GiftsCollect
Free Pirate Kings Spins

Ways To Get More Spins And Coins

Here are some easy ways to get pirate kings free spins, coins, and gifts every day. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Join Pirate Kings WhatsApp Group

For pirate kings daily free spins and coins you can join the following WhatsApp group here. In this pirate kings WhatsApp group, you will also get information about new gifts and new updates in the game every day.

Note: – Join any single pirate kings whatsapp group because the same message will be sent to all groups.

pirate kings free spins:- Join Now
pirate kings free gifts:- Join Now

2. Invite Facebook Friends

Every time you invite your friends to Facebook to play the pirate kings game you will get new spins and gifts.

Here are the steps to follow for your friends to take credit for pirate king’s spins.

  • Accept the invitation
  • Install the game on mobile
  • open it and play
  • Login to Facebook

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, this will be very easy for you.

3. Wait a while

Every 2 hours while you wait, you get 14 new spins and 35000 coins for free. That means you have to wait longer if you see more spins.

If you do not want to invite your friends, this is the only way you can get free pirate kings spins.

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About Pirate Kings Game

Pirate Kings was created in 2013 by Jelly Button’s. This game, which became famous in a very short time, is still being played by thousands of people in 2024.

pirate kings is a very easy and exciting game to play, in which you have to spin, earn coins and make a beautiful island of your own.

Attack the island created by your opponents and win their coins. Only by conquering the islands can you reach a new level of the game.

Remember, people are attacking your island just as you are attacking someone else’s island.

Below is a beautiful video highlighting a pirate kings game.

You see people invite their friends to play the game. You also invite your friends to play the game and then attack each other’s island, steal coins, and create a wonderful island of yours.

You can use your opponent’s hidden coins, prizes, and all kinds of treasures to build your islands.

If you still have not installed this game on your mobile then below is the link of pirate kings APK download.

Download from Google Play Store:- Click Here
Download from Apple Store:- Click Here

Pirate Kings 3-5 Stars Reviews

1. Lin P

Loving this game, it has me well and truly hooked. There is always a new little game inside the main game to keep you interested. Well sad to say this game has got just a nightmare to play, no fun anymore as its impossible to get spins or coins, unless you want to pay of course! Time to uninstall. Review Link

2. Summer Bu

I’ve been playing this game for a while. And then they wanted something “new for 2024” now it’s like a slot machine game. I used to get 120 spins and now the crab gives me like 50. I used to get money for the workers building on my islands but they took that away too. If I wanted a slots game I would. Review Link

3. Bigjon Bigjon

My experience with pirate king is well worth my time playing it, it has really made me happy and comfortable I play the game everyday not one day goes by that I have not played pirate king. Review Link

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